Wang Kelian State Park

Wang Kelian State Parkwang_kelian

Nature lovers and adventurers are sure to enjoy the visit to Wang Kelian State Park. The forest is rich with flora and fauna, with some of the flora is close to Thai vegetation. The State Park is 1,000ha in size, located in the Mata Ayer Forest Reserve.

On the way to Wang Kelian, visitors will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Timah Tasoh Lake and the unique twin peaks of Bukit Chabang.

Timah Tasoh Lake
Timah Tasoh Lake

For adventurers, take a challenging walk at the jungle trek from the camping site past a tripping waterfall leading to the Wang Burma cave. Continue walking and you might find interesting things in the cave.

Not forgetting the popular Sunday market in Wang Kelian, where no passport is needed when crossing the Thai-Malaysian border. This is only provided that they remain within the market area.

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