Teluk Chempedak Beach


Located just 5km from Kuantan town, Teluk Chempedak is a favourite among local folks. Its enclosed bay is suitable for water sport activities like swimming, surfing and jet-skiing. Its casuarina-lined beach is, however, quite rocky at certain places and the waves are often rough.

On the sea front, numerous restaurants and food stalls serving a wide variety of food and beverages attract throngs of locals and tourists alike. They do a brisk trade and open right till after midnight.

The nearby jungle area provides a quick introduction to Malaysia’s flora and fauna, with a few different species of plant life, insects and other small animals inhabiting the limited space. Beware of the macaques, as they can be quite a nuisance.

Just around the corner overlooking the beach is an international-class hotel. With the sounds of big waves splashing against the gigantic rocks in the background, this is a place to be at any time of the day.

Place Around Teluk Chempedak
Teluk Tongkang :
From the northern end of Teluk Chempedak, take the walkway which leads for about a kilometer over the rocky terrain to reach Teluk Tongkang. This is the only access to this secluded cape which is hemmed in by rocky outcrops on both sides. Its seclusion proved to be the perfect landing site for Japanese troops during the Second World War. The locals named the cape tongkang after the type of landing craft the Japanese used.

Tanjung Pelindung : When the Japanese landed at Teluk Tongkang to make their way inland during the War, villagers fled their homes and took refuge in a hidden jungle coastal spot. They called it Tanjung Pelindung (lindung means refuge). The shady beach, characterized by boulders in the middle; appeals to campers and bird watchers.

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