Seri Tanjung Homestay, Masjid Tanah


Experience the real kampung way of life at Seri Tanjung Village. Twice winner of the National Beautiful Village competition, Seri Tanjung offers accommodation for visitors under the Homestay concept. The village is in Alor Gajah District, approximately 24km away from Melaka Historic City. Visitors will stay with host families, the villagers of Seri Tanjung. As such, visitors will experience the essence of village life in Seri Tanjung, an experience which is becoming a rarity nowadays.

Visitors will surely be struck by the beauty of living in harmony with nature, with traditional houses tucked loosely among coconut trees and a variety of greeneries. Accommodation provided are either traditional, modern or a combination of both. All the rooms are provided and managed by their respective owners. This means each accommodation would offer a different experience. During your stay, you will be able to observe and participate in the activities organized by the villagers, such as poultry, husbandry and farming.

There are also a number of ponds for freshwater fish, run commercially by the villagers. From time to time, visitors will be able to observe some traditional recreation such as gasing (top spinning), congkak (traditional Malay Game) or seni silat (Malay Martial Arts).

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