Perlis Craft Cultural Complex

Perlis Craft Cultural Complex

Just located 8km away from the Capital City, Kangar and a 15 minutes drive by car, is the Perlis Craft Cultural Complex. Perlis Craft Cultural Complex is a well known tourist attraction site where it offers a wide range of delicate hand drawn batik, carefully carved silverware, arrays of beautifully handmade gifts such as basketry, rattans

products and ceramics. This is an excellent place of arts and crafts that has varieties of souvenirs. The famous item the complex offer is the songket and silk material weaved with gold and silver threads of designs that was used in the past, and now used for royal functions.



The complex offers a wide range of Malaysian handicraft such as delicate hand drawn batik, intricately carved silverware and an assortment of hand made items such as basketry, ceramics as well as rattan based products. It displays various handicrafts from different parts of Malaysia.

Craft_ComplexThe skill, talent and creativity of these activities have been passed down from one generation to another.The sight of local ladies weaving basket into different shapes and sizes, turning a white cloth into a colourful batik design, shaping ceramics into different sizes and shapes, has won many attention from visitors, especially tourist visiting from other countries.  This complex is often busy with tourist and locals, bustling for great bargains, the colourful sight of the hanging batiks for display, the scent of incense sticks, the ceramics and the local music playing at the background.

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