Bukit China Burial Ground

Bukit Cina, Melaka
Bukit China is situated southeast of Malacca Town, about 148 metres above sea level and covers an area of 42 hectares. There are more than 12,500 graves on Bukit China including approximately 20 Muslim tombs. The existence of these Muslim tombs has made this Chinese cemetery all the more special and unique. Bukit China is also believed to be the oldest and largest tradit...
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Ayer Keroh

Zoo Melaka
Ayer Keroh lies about 15 km east of Melaka Town. The town is a major tourist spot of the state, apart from the old Malacca Town due to its recent hosting of various interesting attractions. Aborigines Museum The museum displays the aborigines' fishing method, agricultural tools, interior house design, weaponry, wedding customs, heritage, history and funeral ceremonies o...
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A Famosa Water World

A'Famosa Resort Waterworld
Be prepared to side into a world of fun and thrills the moment you set font on the 20-arce A'Famosa Water World, rated as the largest water theme park in Malaysia. At the Water World, there is simply something for everyone regardless on one's age. Over here, you can take your pick from the Wave Pool which gives a feeling of a beach away from the beach, the longest Lazy River...
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A Famosa

A'Famosa Fort
A Famosa, or "The Famous" in Portuguese, is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. Once part of a mighty fortress, this tiny gate (called the Porta de Santiago) is all that is left of a once-mighty fortress. In 1511 a Portuguese fleet arrived under the command of Alfonso de Albequerque. His forces attacked and successfully defeated the armies of ...
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Pulau Upeh

Malacca Beach
The tiny island of Upeh is located near Klebang town in Malacca. During the War, it was used as a scouting point for invading ships in the Straits of Malacca. Also the island was often a nesting ground for pirates. Of course, the pirates have now long been cleaned out, and today, Pulau Upeh is a peaceful getaway for locals and tourists. There is a resort and water-sport ...
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