Balok Beach


Balok beach is about 15km north of Kuantan and is a paradise for avid wind-surfers. Most of the activities revolve around the many international class resorts and hotels located at the beach, forming the perfect getaway for visitors to the East Coast of the Peninsular. Truly perfect and serene with soothing tropical breezes, swaying casuarinas, unending white sand in harmony with the azure blue sea, indeed, relaxation is never easier.

Balok Beach is a comfortable and relaxing sandy beach. It is suitable to relax on the golden sands, play volleyball and various other ground activities. It’s waters are suitable for snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, skiing, sunbathing, surfing or sailing.

How to get there
Pantai Balok or Balok beach, one of the cleanest beaches in Pahang area, can be reached from Kuantan or Kemaman.

By Road : From Kuantan towards Kemaman, Terengganu. Also accessible by taxi or hourly buses.

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