5 Reasons Sungai Lembing is a Magical Realm in Malaysia

Heard of Sungai Lembing? Filled with rolling hills, forested areas and cultural attractions, this town near Kuantan is one of the country’s enchanting hidden gems. If you don’t believe us, here are 5 reasons why Sungai Lembing is a magical realm in Malaysia.

1. Panorama Hill is a paradise above the clouds


Photo: kuantan.org

It takes 45 minutes to hike up the “stairway to heaven” to the top of Panorama Hill, but it’s worth it. Just look at that breathtaking sunrise and sea of clouds!

2. Rainbows appear every morning at Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls in Sungai Lembing - Visit Cuti.my for tour packages in Malaysia

Photo: livelifelah.com

Most people get really excited when they see a rainbow, and this happens every morning at Rainbow Falls. To get here, you’ll need an hour to get into the rainforest via a 4WD, and another 45 minutes to reach the magnificent waterfall. Doesn’t it remind you of heaven on earth?

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3. It’s a mysterious realm in Gua Charas

Gua Charas, Sungai Lembing - Visit Cuti.my for tour packages in MalaysiaGua Charas is a temple cave with sublime stalactite formations. As you enter the belly of the quiet yet otherworldly cave, you’ll see many Hindu and Buddhist statues, including the 9-metre Sleeping Buddha.

4. This bridge reminds us of Spirited Away

Suspension Bridge, Sungai Lembing

Photo: Flickr/ Kevin Poh

The Suspension Bridge hangs over the river and the sleepy town of Sungai Lembing. It looks as though Hayao Miyazaki’s spirit world is right on the other side!

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5. The Time Capsule Retreat is straight out of a fairytale!

Time Capsule Retreat, Sungai Lembing

Photo: Time Capsule Retreat

The Time Capsule Retreat is a comfortable family-run retreat in Sungai Lembing Town. Designed within a lush environment, it is popular for the unique capsule rooms. At night, you and your friends get to have fun photo opportunities!

Time Capsule Retreat, Sungai Lembing

Credit: Time Capsule Retreat

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